The year is 2027.

For twenty years, America has been the land of the fast-gunning, interface-jacked, steel-legged, cyberarmed techno-hero. Good and evil have become mutable concepts, replaced by the realities of expedience and the soulless will of the megacorporations who have saved Technological Man at the cost of his soul.

Now the shape of the Dark Future has finally become clear. A new Power rules America: a power bom of the Corporate meritocracy and its lapdog government agencies. It is a Power dedicated to retaining an iron grip on the nation it has obtained, no matter what it costs, no matter what is destroyed in the process. It is the Incorporated States of America-the ISA.

Since 2022, there’s been a war going on: a war between ISA agents, hired hit squads, government troops Nomad war parties, Netrunner assault groups
and black ops teams. The Edgerunners of 2020 have given way to the Guerrillas of 2027; once hunters of the Edge, they have become the hunted.

The Eurocorps have been driven out of the United States by their rebellious U.S. offices. The Government has returned, forging an unholy alliance with
megacorp ties. And corporate shark David Whindam is now President of the Incorporated States.

The ISAs goal is an unarmed, controlled, consumer America. An America where the megacorps use their economic might to control every market, their government-sponsored “agents” to suppress any sign of rebellion, and their hired mediacorp lackeys to control every facet of the truth.

To the ISA, there can be only One Nation, under Corporate Control, with liberty and justice for the Chosen Few.

But all is not proceeding as planned. A terrifying new plague is sweeping America. Nicknamed the Carbon Plague, this nanotech-based mutagenic kills with a frightening selectivity. If you’re over twenty and infected, you die. If you’re under twenty, you live.

Or-you Change.

Over ten thousand juvegangers have already been affected, their bodies altered by a process that defies all known science. They have been given new and amazing powers, powers that go beyond any cybertech. They have Evolved. They have become the Cybergeneration.

They are a generation of the Street: a generation which has raised itself in a world of danger, violence and deception; that has watched its parents sell their souls for a few chunks of cyberware and a box of Kibble. And the ISA is rounding them up, hunting them down. Because they’re different. And because the ISA can’t control them.

This time, the battle won’t be for a few extra rounds of ammo and a safe hiding place after the black op.

This time, the stakes are going to be for real.

Cyber Generation 2027: Singularity Blues

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